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What if you decided to stop fearing?

Have you ever thought about why you decide to not go through with something you’ve dreamed about? I think one of the biggest obstacles in making your dreams happen is fear. It’s the kind of fear you don’t necessarily even recognize as fear. Yet it makes a nest in our head and keeps throwing doubtful thoughts into our mind. What will others think? How could you possibly do that? What if you fail?

It’s good to think about your goals and decisions from many angles and sometimes doubt yourself, but I would like to believe that I will at least try to succeed in everything I do. It’s definitely not easy since the fear of failure is always present. But our dreams can’t come true if we keep telling ourselves we can’t make them happen.

It’s interesting how we’re usually afraid of failing in the things that are most important to us. The more important the dream, the stronger the fear. Or have you lost sleep over failing in something you weren’t that interested in the first place? The fear of failure keeps a tight grip on us and we can’t let go of it if we don’t recognize it. We throw away amazing opportunities when we don’t see the fears that are holding us back.


Oisa - Elämäni sisältöä - Pelko


Sometimes we also fear success. We might unintentionally sabotage our road to success and the chance to make our dreams a reality. We might avoid taking on opportunities that would advance our dream – even when we’re clear on what our dream is and genuinely want to achieve it. Sometimes we avoid getting started. Why do we avoid succeeding in something we really want? Because we’re afraid.

Some talk about it as fear of success, but it’s not really the actual success we’re afraid of. It’s the things that come with success. Usually there is a certain unknown related to making your dreams come true. It’s scary! Will I manage and know what to do? Will I have the strength and courage to face whatever will come with success? Basically, we don’t trust ourselves in coping with what our dream brings with it. And because of this we end up sabotaging everything before it even begins. It’s good to acknowledge this fear, because as long as it keeps lurking on our shoulder, we have to work twice as hard to make our dreams happen.

The fear of success is very common as it’s natural for us to fear the unknown. By acknowledging your fear, you take the power away from it: you can then decide for yourself how much you’ll let your fear affect your journey. Write down things you’re unsure or afraid of related to your dream. Try to turn them into positives: what amazing and good things could happen when my dream comes true? Is there something you could maybe practice or prepare for in advance, so it wouldn’t be so scary when it comes along? Accept that it’s ok to fear the unknown but it doesn’t have to stop you from succeeding. When you acknowledge your fear and turn it into a positive engine, you’ll notice your whole attitude changing and self-confidence growing.


Oisa - Elämäni sisältöä - Pelko


I think the scariest scenario is when I hear someone saying they don’t really have any dreams. Of course, people are different, but it’s hard for me to understand that someone doesn’t have any dreams – not even a small one. A dream doesn’t have to be huge. It can be a tiny thing that makes life look more like your own. I think it’s natural that when dreams come true, new ones pop up. I don’t think there really can come a situation where all your dreams have been done and dusted. Life would feel empty without dreams.

Dreaming doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what you already have. You should enjoy what you have and really stop to see what’s good in your life. Being thankful and happy about where you are now is one of the best stepping stones towards dreams. It creates a solid base for being able to dream and be brave enough to start making your dreams come true. I think the best way to start working towards your dream is to listen to your intuition. It’s usually very accurate on what is a good path to take and what you really should be afraid of. So, don’t let unnecessary fear be in the way of going after your dreams!



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