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What happened with getting back in shape?

In my earlier post I talked about inspiration. One thing that I definitely got an inspiration boost towards in New York was exercise. We walked around a lot every day, went biking, tried jiujitsu a couple of times and lived an all in all active lifestyle. Before my trip I had some difficulty getting back into a good exercise routine after overtraining myself. While I was in New York, my activity levels just subtly started to rise on their own.

So, what happened when I came back to Finland? After the initial exhaustion and jetlag wore off, I noticed that I had become restless. I couldn’t sit still as long as before. I felt this weird urge in my body: I wanted to go walk, run, swim, lift weights or do anything related to fitness. I wanted to move! Not a bad urge at all, I must say. Now I’ve been enjoying exercising in its many forms: biking from point A to point B instead of taking the bus, walking and jogging with friends instead of going out for coffee. I even hit the gym today! I can’t remember the last time exercising has felt as good as this past week. I’ve also had energy for the other things I need to do during the day, which is new. Before a morning at the gym would mean having to be exhausted all day after it. Recovery was so slow.

Now that I’ve gotten a good start, my goal is to keep that urge to move alive. I’ve started wearing my activity bracelet again and aim to reach 100% every day. The first day my result was 170% and today I’ve already hit over 80% even though it’s only late afternoon. I feel so much more energized than I did before my trip!



Another thing that stuck with me from my trip is drinking water, which I’ve struggled with pretty much my whole life. My friend is so good at making sure she drinks enough water, since dehydration makes her feel really ill. She kept nagging at me for not drinking enough water until I started to sip some more of it and eventually drink a lot more. In the end I think I was averaging about 1,5 liters a day, which is an accomplishment for me. And oh boy, did I have some energy! If I’m energetic while not drinking that much water, I was like a Duracell bunny when I was well hydrated. I wonder if there is a water drinking bootcamp I could join if I start to slip? Or could I hire a personal trainer just to breathe down my neck about not drinking enough? Now that would be a good business idea!

Anyone of my readers in the middle of changing life habits to healthier ones? What are you top thoughts at the moment about your change?

Priska Autio


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