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Wellness is so damn difficult

In my previous post I told you about how I keep my work life organized. I wish being so organized would happen in other parts of my life as well! I can easily handle ten work projects at once, suck in information superfast about golf course lawn types for an article and improvise a kickass speech for a video if need be. But when it comes to cooking, working out regularly and drinking enough water, it’s a totally different thing. Can wellness really be that hard?

I wouldn’t necessarily call my way of life bad or unhealthy, since most of my habits are alright, but would just need some prioritizing to become part of my daily life. Even though I’ve been interested in wellness, health and a healthy lifestyle all my adult life, I’ve never managed to make it a routine despite trying. I know what to do and how to do it – I just can’t get around to putting it to action. At work I’ve never really paid attention or deliberately formed routines. They’ve built up almost unnoticed as I’ve had to figure out how to keep things organized to keep away from an uncontrollable chaos. So, could someone please come force me to get a grip on a healthy lifestyle so I can make it a routine more easier?


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I’ve never really been into diets or anything like that. I eat normal and heathly food with treats whenever I feel like it. If I decide to cut off for example sugar, that’s all I can think about. I don’t do well with banning myself something, so I try to keep my options open. I think I’m more of a lifestyle changer that just starts from scratch regularly rather than a serial dieter. I got the furthest with my lifestyle change when I hired a PT with my friend a few years ago. Our projects ended for me early as my body decided to go into overtraining mode – my heart rate was around 160-180 bpm when I got out of bed in the morning. Not good. I had to rest for a good period of time and it’s been tough to get back to exercising after that.

They say it takes ten thousand repetitions to make something a routine – crazy huh? No wonder it’s so hard to pick up on new routines! I read an interesting article about the psychology behing daily routines. You can find it here. Did you read it? I admit that I struggle with decision fatigue, “what-the-hell” effect, monkey mind and not giving myself enough downtime. That’s half the problems with forming new routines – I’ve got my work cut out for me! But isn’t acknowledgement the first part of succeeding? I’m going to be positive and believe that.


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One thing that didn’t come up in the article, but is important in forming new routines is prioritizing. If you want to make something a daily routine, you have to put it first. If it always gets pushed away from the way of more important things, it’s never going to become a real routine. For example: I notice that I often skip my morning gym so I can start my work day a little bit earlier or skip lunch to run some errands before going out for coffee with a friend. If your own well-being is not a priority, it will never be a routine either. So, mission one: make my own well-being a priority and find time for it in my calendar.

Is it easy for you to form new routines as part of your daily life? Is your will power super strong? What feelings do routines make you feel in general – hot or not?

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