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Towards my thirties

On Sunday I turn 29, and this birthday feels more special than the previous ones. The last year in my twenties is beginning and it feels very odd. I tried to remember where I pictured myself when I’m thirty when I was younger, but I couldn’t grasp on to any specific memory. But I’m pretty sure I thought about the very cliché things like a 9-to-5 job, house, husband and being a mom to one or two kids and so on. It’s funny how thirty seemed so far away back then, but now it’s only one silly year away. I can’t believe I once thought that thirty was an old age!

It’s pretty standard to think every now and then about what you would do differently in life or what you would say to your younger self. I’ve thought about this so much lately and honestly, I wouldn’t change anything. It sounds so terribly cliché that I almost left it out of this post, but the more I think about it, the stronger that feeling gets. Maybe if I had done things differently, I would be in a different situation, but it’s not really terrible at the moment either. Maybe my life hasn’t gone exactly the route I had planned, but it wouldn’t have gone this specific way without all the bumps in the road. This route has brought so many good things into my life and without all the bumps the roads in my life wouldn’t have crossed others the way they did. This route has been my life, and this is the way it went, why try to change that?

I’m so excited about what’s to come and I feel like after a couple of rough years there’s finally some light at the end of the tunnel. That’s why I want to focus on the future in this post instead of remembering old things or memories. So, what am I looking forward to? In this coming year I hope to sky rocket my career in lifestyle and literature. I have clear plans for both things and can’t wait for spring 2019. I also hope to learn to listen to myself and my intuition even better – what do I want and need in my life and what is best to let go.

I want to make this last year in my twenties quite modestly the best year of my life. Live life with every cell and immerse myself in moments that have previously just flown by in the hurry of everyday life. I want to do things that make me happy and surround myself with people that support that. I want to let go of too much control and take it easy, let life take me wherever it has planned my road to go next. Laugh, cry, make mistakes, learn and develop. Live life now and not when I’ve achieved something.

It’s kind of comical to think that a few years ago I was joking that I am never going to have a thirty-year crisis. That I’m going to just fly by years and decades with no problem. And here I am, in the middle of the worst thirty-year crisis I could have ever imagined – already a few years before my thirties!

Have you had crisis related to different stages or ages? Did your life change drastically or did you get by with only a mild crisis?

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