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That perfect moment will never come

Life has been quite a rollercoaster this past year. There have been lifechanging events that I’ll probably be prosessing for a long time. It’s the kind of huge events you usually watch other people go through, but suddenly find yourself right in the middle of in your own life. A lot of sadness and sorrow, but thankfully good things as well to balance it out a bit.

Here I am, mostly in one piece and with a lot of new lessons under my belt. I could write so much about what’s happened this past year, but as there are other people involved, I’ll keep all that out of this blog. Every story has two sides and I would feel bad telling just mine. I will say that I am very greatful for all the experiences and people related to them – it’s true that people come into our life for a reason.

One thing I’ve understood lately is that no matter how much I want to say I’m not, I really am a person who’s been living a life of waiting. Even though I get a lot done, there are some things I just wait for the perfect moment to come, so I can do them. And oddly enough, those are usually the things that excite me the most. You know, the things that instantly make you smile and make you feel all bubbly inside? Those are the things every one of us needs in their life to feel well. I guess I’m just waiting to get through all my other duties and obligations, to have some room in life for all those dreams.

Rain or shine, remember this.

My decision to travel to New York last year was a big step regarding this topic. I had accomplished an excellent rhytm on my way towards my dreams: I had a vision, a plan and a good motivation to make it all happen. That determination slowly died when my life shook in other areas. I found my way back a little bit during the spring, but then life kicked in again and forced me to focus on other things for a while.

I’ve always been the one to encourage other people towards their dreams. I’m the one who’s there rooting for you, believing in you and holding your hand while you take that huge jump towards your dreams. But it’s so much easier to be there for others than to actually practice what you preach. So, I’ve now made the decision that the time for my dreams is NOW. I’m not going to wait for that perfect moment anymore. Life can bring me what it brings, but my dreams are now permanently on my list of priorities.

Life can take you in the oddest directions that are sometimes nothing like the ones you had planned. Sometimes those roads are full of tears and goodbyes, sometimes laughter and new possibilities. Whatever the road may be, no one is ever going to hand you the perfect moment to make your dreams happen. You have to make a decision and prioritize. So, my dear Oisa and that book project that’s been waiting way too long – here I come. I’ve missed you a ton!

Priska Autio


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