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Ten things you didn’t know about me

There has been a fun challenge going around in different blogs. It’s very simple: tell ten facts about yourself. The facts have to be something not everyone knows about you. I don’t think I have any facts about myself that at least one of my friends or family wouldn’t know, but here’s a list of some fun facts that are not widely known.

1. I’ve owned two gerbils. I named them Romeo and Rafael after a Finnish tv-series.

2. I’ve lived in Texas for a total of three years: first two years as a child and then one year as an exchange student. I can say I have a family in the States even if we’re not related by blood.

3. This is something I don’t know if I want to share, since I would do it a million times better nowadays, but I’ve written a self published novel when I was thirteen.

4. I love all kinds of crime documentaries, but I’m scared to go to bed right after watching them. I have to always watch something light and funny for a minute after them because if I don’t they will keep me up all night.

5. I’ve played violin for a long time and learned to play the flute myself.

6. When I was fifteen, I moved away from home to another city to attend an arts oriented high school. I shared an apartment with other girls until I finally got my own place. My sister moved into the same apartment when I left for Vaasa.

7. I created some public service announcement videos about tuberculosis as my graduate project from media school. It was a co-operation project with the Pirkanmaa Hospital District.

8. I don’t drink coffee or beer, because I can’t stand the way they taste. Celery is also not on my list of favorites.

9. I’m really good at knitting socks. I haven’t had much time for it lately, though.

10. When I was a teenager, I adored Leonardo di Caprio. My room was filled with posters of him and I had a special edition DVD of Titanic.

Were there any suprises or did you know everything already? Do you like these types of fun challenges? 🙂

Priska Autio


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