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Yrittäjäystävä: tilaa TÄSTÄ vinkit sisältömarkkinointiin ja ennakkotiedot Oisan kuumimmista kampanjoista yrityksille - uutiskirje, jonka aidosti haluat lukea!

Oisa - Elämäni sisältöä - Seikkailu alkaa

My adventure begins tomorrow

I was sitting outside today with a light summer breeze playing with my hair. The sun was warm, and the birds were chirping away in the background. Summer in Finland gave no warning but I’m not complaining. I was prepared to run through these last few weeks in winter gear and face possible hail storms in the last few days before departing. Now there’s less than 24 hours to go, the temperature is peaking, and I feel all around bubbly inside. I feel like this trip was only a dream just yesterday, then I made the daring jump to book tickets. Then it went on to counting months, weeks and days. It feels so weird that now there are only hours left.

Many might think that my excitement for this trip has gone a little overboard. People travel around the world all the time, what’s so special about it? This trip is not just a trip to see another part of the world. It has a deeper and more personal meaning. It’s a chance to make one of my biggest lifelong dreams come true. It’s a trip I’m doing only for myself. I’m letting go of all everyday responsibilities and let someone else handle it for a change. I’m taking time for myself and not feeling bad about it.

There is so much courage, dreams and me tangled up in this trip – I don’t think I’ve ever felt like this about anything in my life. It’s hard to explain and many might just see it as pre-travel jitters. This trip to New York is a chance for me to shed my skin and come back more confident about who I am and what I truly want from life.

I’ll be staying with my best friend during my trip. I can’t want to see this wonder woman who’s gone through so much in the past year! I feel like we’re both in a turning point in our lives, and this trip could not have come at a better time. I can’t wait for the ten gallons of tea, cry movies, pampering moments, glasses of wine and the nights that went way past bedtime since neither of us wanted to stop talking to go to sleep. I could not have a better person to share this journey with me.

You can follow my adventure here on my blog as well as Instagram stories. I will be updating my account in English, so you can follow me even if Finnish isn’t your strongest skill. Welcome on board! ♡



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