Lifestyle-sivusto Oisa on tarkoitettu meille, jotka haluamme tehdä arjesta itsemme näköistä ja hyvinvoinnista hiukan hauskempaa. Oisa on aikaa omille jutuille.

Yrittäjäystävä: tilaa TÄSTÄ vinkit sisältömarkkinointiin ja ennakkotiedot Oisan kuumimmista kampanjoista yrityksille - uutiskirje, jonka aidosti haluat lukea!

Oisa - Elämäni sisältöä - Veimotti

Jewelry for an inspiring and passionate person

*In collaboration with Veimotti

I’ve never really been a jewelry person, but in the past few years I’ve grown a bigger interest in them. I admire classic and simple jewelry – the kind that matches any outfit and suits every situation. The best choice of jewelry reflects the person wearing it. You would never see me in a pearl necklace even though it looks stunning on someone else. Colorful jewelry is also not my style. It’s actually very hard to find jewelry that I truly like, which is probably one reason I rarely wear any. I guess I’m picky in that way.

A while ago I was approached on Instagram: a new Lithuanian jewelry brand wanted to collaborate with me. Because I’m so picky about jewelry, I wanted to get a glimpse of their selection before I agreed to anything. I want to stand behind every collaboration and only recommend things I truly like myself. So, one night I scrolled through Veimotti‘s website and fell in love. Their jewelry has exactly the simple elegance I like, but they also have a twist of personality. I particularly liked the Crowned ring, Wave ring and Crowned bracelet. These looked stunning in silver, though they are also available in gold.


Oisa - Elämäni sisältöä - Veimotti


I ended up ordering the Wave ring, since I wanted a ring I could wear every day. I liked that the ring had a certain sensitivity to it. It’s very simple and petite. The ring is stunning on its’ own but can also be matched with basically any other ring. The shape of the ring reminds me of life. There are ups and downs, bumps and obstacles – but life always goes on. I think the designer has a similar symbolic in mind, as the name of the ring is Wave.

In addition to beautiful jewelry, the brand itself is quite interesting: “It is not just a piece of accessory. The whole idea of the brand is to express not the beauty of jewelry, but the beauty and type of woman – Veimotti woman.”

So, what is a Veimotti woman like? According to the brand’s website, it’s something I personally really aspire to be: “A woman, who is aesthetic, sophisticated and a little bit modest – but in her mind winds are mixing. Those winds are an unfading wish to move forward in life – to live.”

The creator of the brand, Arturas, was really nice and answered anything I had to ask about their brand and jewelry. He wanted to gift my readers with a -10% discount. Veimotti has free worldwide shipping, so if you like their jewelry, grab the code and go shopping!

With the code “PRISKO” you will get -10% on the jewelry at Veimotti’s online store.
Click here to move to Veimotti’s website.

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