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Goodbye New York

I can still remember how excited I was a month ago: the trip of a lifetime just starting, full of inspiration and excitement. My destination was New York City – the city of dreams. And as much as I wanted time to freeze, this month passed along just like the rest of them. It felt like six months, but at the same time a moment less than a second. As I wrote in my previous post, this trip exceeded all expectations. It was a learning experience and eye opener, an amazing adventure I’ll never forget.

Isn’t it unbelievable what kind of opportunities life hands you when you have the courage to take a peek at them? And how those opportunities evolve and grow when you are brave and take them on? It’s so mysterious, how the smallest choices in life can bring you together with just the right people. Sometimes deciding to stay and make some mojitos instead of taking the train home can be the start to a unique connection. I can’t even explain how wonderful it’s been to get to know locals, hear some amazing stories and notice how our paths are intertwined in the coolest ways. The feeling of suddenly realizing why it all happened the way it did is so empowering.


Oisa - Elämäni sisältöä - Goodbye


Those of you who have been following my trip on Instagram’s stories have probably noticed that I haven’t updated as frequently as I did at the beginning of my trip. I’ve wanted to enjoy this city without looking at it through my phone, especially in the past week. I’ve wanted to absorb all the inspirational vibe, feel the sun warming my skin, sometimes just close my eyes and be still. No feeds, bumerangs, filters or gifs – just genuine, beautiful life. And boy, has that felt good! I feel calm, though very melancholy – so infinitely thankful but sad at the same time for it being over.

It’s interesting how clearly the trip is showing on my body as well. The moist climate has done wonders to my hair and skin – I feel like they’re glowing! The sun has left a sweet little roasted color on my skin: clear tan lines on my feet from shoes and a billion new freckles on my face. My eyes have a few more wrinkles from laughing and staying up way too late talking about life. There are bruises on my body from jiujitsu and scratches from playing with the cat.


Oisa - Elämäni sisältöä - Goodbye


New York totally stole my heart. It felt so much like my city from the very beginning. New York is huge, but it’s hugely cozy as well. Full of opportunities and never a dull moment unless you want to have one. I spent the two first week exploring the city and after that I felt like I had been here forever. And yet, all good things must come to an end. Tomorrow I will close the door of this lovely 150th Street apartment for the last time, jump on the subway with my suitcase and fly over the Atlantic. For now at least, because I have a strong feeling I’m going to be back.



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