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Oisa - Elämäni sisältöä - Sydämen ääni

Finding your way in life

You’ve probably heard all the cliché things about following your heart and finding you way in life. Read stories about people who have made a total lifestyle change and blossomed to their true self. Have you ever thought it could happen to you like that?

I’ve seen many occasions where someone is telling other people about how they’ve found their calling and are living their dream. Not just saying it, but actually doing it – their eyes burning with passion towards life. Sadly, this is considered silly by many. They’re sure that this person will eventually come to their senses and figure out a more normal way of living. But what if this person has discovered something crucial about life? She’s learned to listen to herself, her needs and hopes. She’s understood what kind of life makes her happy. She’s learned to believe in herself and work for a life that fulfills the things she needs to live a life that looks like hers. She’s found the ability to listen to her own heart and the courage to break away from other people’s expectations.

If you live someone else’s life and suppress your own passions, life will most likely start feeling empty at some point. You start to look at the lives of people fulfilling their dreams with envy and stop believing that you could also do whatever you want in life. Sometimes we’re afraid of failure so we decide to not try at all. Life starts to fill up with thoughts of what if. These turn into bitterness over the years: why didn’t I try when I had the chance? Why didn’t I make room for my dream?


Oisa - Elämäni sisältöä - Sydämen ääni


Have you ever thought about what your heart sounds like? I think that aside of the physical beat, it’s the butterflies in your stomach, the smile on your face and the rush of blood circulating in your veins when you think about something. Excitement is probably the best word to describe it. Even if the riad to your dream is difficult, that same excitement will remain throughout your journey. Achieving your dreams isn’t always easy and to be honest, it shouldn’t be. If we got what we wanted easily, we wouldn’t appreciate success as much. I think everyone has their own way of listening to the messages their body and mind are giving them. The key is to learn to listen to them and find the courage to go their way.

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be sitting on a plane to fly towards one of my biggest dreams. It’s crazy to think that this trip that was just talk at first is actually real. So real that soon I’ll have to get my suitcase out of storage and start thinking about what to pack for a month. A lot of people have called me brave when I’ve told them about my trip. I didn’t really think I was doing anything brave when I started making this trip a reality. I felt that it was something I would regret if I didn’t do it. I felt that it was a step towards a life that looked more like me. The thought of writing a book put butterflies in my stomach and a smile on my face. It felt right all around. It gave me a feeling that I wanted to bring more into my life. It’s the same feeling our lifestyle site brings me. I feel like I’m finally finding my way in life and it’s pretty amazing!

When I think about it from an objective point of view, it does seem brave to go on an adventure like this. I feel like it’s following my heart and passion – for the first time without thinking what other people think about my choice. It’s an adventure I wish I had gone on sooner, but know I wasn’t ready until now. I strongly believe that life gives us the right opportunities when we’re ready for them. Listen to yourself when you’re making big decisions and go with your gut. It’s usually right. Don’t be afraid to jump into things that may be a little scary or crazy if you feel like that’s what your heart is calling out for. Everything usually ends up just fine.

What do you dream about? Are you living a life that looks like your own? Are you happy?



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