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Oisa - Elämäni sisältöä - Osaanko vain olla

Can you just let it be?

“The pressure to achieve and succeed is present in everything we do. We don’t just push ourselves to the point of breaking at work or our hobbies. The pressure to succeed has lurked its way into wellness as well. The inner anxiety and impatience we feel often surfaces as the urge to do something all the time. We have a hard time saying no to unpleasant or pleasant things, and only feel at ease when we’ve accomplished something.”

That was a translation of an article we posted on our lifestyle site this week. It made me think about how I feel about doing nothing. Can I just drop everything and do nothing? Does doing nothing mean laying on the couch still staring at the ceiling? Does it mean watching a movie, but not really paying attention to it? Is reading a book too much of doing something or does it count as doing nothing? Does the answer depend on whether you’re reading a chick lit novel or a self-help book? Who defines what we do when we’re not doing anything?

If I was told to not do anything for a moment, I would interpret that as sitting still in silence. Is that truly relaxing for anyone? Unless you’re meditating, of course (which means you’re actively doing something, so it doesn’t count). I don’t think it’s relaxing for people who are not trying to perform their life, and definitely not to those who are trying to perform it perfectly. Maybe it would be good to think about “doing nothing” as doing things that you enjoy and gain energy from. And doing them because you want to do them, not because you’re trying to achieve respect or gain something out of it or because you should be doing it. In other words, leave everything mandatory out of your mind for a moment and do whatever the heck you feel like doing.


Oisa - Elämäni sisältöä - Osaanko vain olla


Maybe the key thing in doing nothing is not what we are doing, but rather why we’re doing it. Are we trying to perform relaxing or do we spend our free time doing things we enjoy? Do we find our ways to relax by our own intuition or do we copy them from a lifestyle magazine? For some a massage is the best thing to sooth and relax the body and mind, but for some it’s torture if they hate being touched by a stranger. Some people could not think of anything better than a movie marathon with all the goods, whereas some would much rather go take a hike in the serenity of the woods. The fact that someone wants to spend their free time being active isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As long as you’re doing what you’re doing out of will, not out of force.

I personally think the best way to relax is doing something meditative that I enjoy. Crafting dream maps, reading, knitting, taking a walk or watching five movies in a row under the covers are all the very best type of ways to relax depending on my mood. I enjoy being active in my free time. I actually feel that I would have to perform relaxing, if I was made to sit in one place and “relax”. How do you feel about this? What are the best ways for you to relax?


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