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Oisa - Elämäni sisältöä - Tatuointi

A pawprint on my heart

I will always remember when we went to choose our first puppy from her breeder. We were sitting at the kitchen table having coffee and talking about the puppy, when I noticed a tattoo on the forearm of the breeder. The tattoo was a portrait of a westie. The breeder noticed me looking at her tattoo and told us that it was a portrait of her very first westie. Tears rose to her eyes as she talked about that specific dog that no other dog could ever replace. She said that some day we would understand exactly what she meant. Some day our lives would be blessed with the dog that would press a very unique pawprint on our hearts. On the way home I thought that if I ever did end up getting a tattoo, it would definitely not be of my dog. But where are we now, six years later?

Oisa - Elämäni sisältöä - Tatuointi

Even though this isn’t my first tattoo, it’s the first one that is in quite a visible place. My tattoo is visible any time I have a short sleeved shirt on. Many people have wondered why the dog is tattooed on my arm the “wrong” way. It would have been more logical to have it face the world. But I didn’t get this tattoo for the world, I got it for me. I love it when her cute little triangle ears peek out from under my sleeve. I love it how I can look into her gentle eyes that remind me that life really isn’t that serious. That sometimes it’s ok to just snuggle your nose into the other one’s neck, breathe deep and be with no hurry anywhere.

Oisa - Elämäni sisältöä - Tatuointi

My dog is six years old and I hope I get to spend many more years with her. It is however nice to know that her sweet furry face will be with me forever – even when that difficult moment comes and it’s time to let her go. For now, we are going to enjoy life to the fullest, filled with long walks, lots of cuddles and the fact that our eyes met six years ago by that box of puppies. Because on that day that unique and special dog the breeder talked about walked its way into my heart.

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